Self-Managed Super Funds

We offer to manage the entire process of your self managed superannuation fund (SMSF) – establishment, ongoing administration and audit. Our team of top-tier professionals are well respected in the SMSF industry and this allows us to keep abreast of changing rules and regulations.

Matrix Norwest Sydney, Self Managed Super Funds

We partner with other professionals – both accounting firms and financial planners – to provide a specialist SMSF service as part of a broader offering to their clients. We see a great synergy in our ability to offer firms and their clients’ access to a team of individuals who specialise in SMSF’s whilst ensuring that the direct relationship they have with their client is maintained and enhanced.

Our SMSF compliance package is offered on a two-tiered approach:
  • Live Compliance Package – a live, cloud-based SMSF compliance platform pooling critical information from your financial institutions, brokers and investment providers to enable us to provide regular updates of your fund throughout the year.
  • Annual Compliance Package – involving the preparation of all necessary reports and returns to ensure compliance of the fund.

We also provide an SMSF audit only service, doubling as auditors to professional organisations choosing to outsource the audit of their SMSFs whilst continuing to carry out its own annual compliance.

Our SMSF audit only service adapts to the internal procedures of the professional firm, using preferred accounting and management practices. We provide the critical auditor independence you need to ensure that your SMSFs meet all legislative requirements.

In addition to the provision of compliance and audit services, our specialist SMSF team can ensure all requirements of your SMSF are being met, including:

  • Facilitating all requirements of limited recourse borrowing arrangements – including finance, legal documentation, stamping requirements and advice.
  • Advice and documentation on pension commencements and commutations as well as managing the withdrawal of benefits.
  • Advising on and facilitating the establishment of your SMSF, including assistance with rollovers and formulation of investment strategies.

With fixed price offerings for all of our SMSF services, we want to ensure that our clients receive the best service for a transparent and competitive fee.

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