Asset Management

Matrix Norwest Asset Management

Matrix Norwest’s Asset Management service integrates seamlessly with our other divisions, for a holistic offering that takes clients through every phase of their personal financial journey. Our holistic approach gives Matrix Norwest clients the opportunity to make a financial plan, manage their investments, and handle the tax consequences of their investment decisions – all under the one roof.

The trusted experts that make up Matrix Norwest’s Asset Management Investment Committee deliver tailor-made portfolios for your individual expectations around income and growth, as well as the risk profile that will best achieve your goals. The Investment Committee is a panel of experienced professionals, including Matthew Stevenson (Director and Head of Advice) and Rob Pedersen (Chair and Founder), as well as carefully appointed asset consultants.

Our Investment Management experts deliver on your own personal goals – and execute your decisions accordingly

Whatever your investment model, Matrix Norwest will:

  • implement the investment strategies in your overarching financial plan
  • navigate complex financial situations
  • answer your questions
  • review the markets to assess opportunities and threats
  • provide reports to keep you updated on market developments and changes to the shares and financial products in your portfolio
  • oversee your portfolio to make necessary changes
  • communicate and explain the Investment Committee’s decisions, including changes to your portfolio
  • deliver customised reviews and updates on your portfolios
  • make investment decisions based on your personal goals.


A bespoke investment management offering that’s right for you

At the core of Matrix Norwest’s experience is the knowledge that every single one of our clients has different financial goals and individual ideas about their path to success. Equally, expectations around risk and growth are different for every client. 

 As a Matrix Norwest client, you can be sure that within the range of portfolios constructed by our Investment Committee, there will be a suitable investment option that helps you achieve your goals.

A consultative panel of experts

Matrix Norwest’s Investment Committee formally meets each month to discuss:

  • Australian and international markets
  • The ongoing suitability of fund managers
  • The performance of our model portfolios.

The Investment Committee constructs the best strategic asset allocation for each portfolio, to maximise return for the chosen risk level.

To make the best decision for you, we analyse a range of investment factors, including:

  • macroeconomic environment outlook
  • monetary policy
  • asset class valuations 
  • medium-term forecast returns.

After assessing these factors and making an  analysis of current conditions, the Investment Committee sets a strategic asset allocation to best set up the portfolios for return on investment.

Collaboratively, the Investment Committee appoints trusted fund managers with proven track records. Our mix delivers exposure to the different asset classes: tailor-made investment portfolios that will be utilised to achieve your financial objectives.

Matrix Norwest’s Investment Committee continually assesses the performance and ongoing suitability of each fund manager, using investment filters applied in line with our investment mandate. We effectively communicate any resulting decisions, empowering you with the information you need to know that your wealth is protected and in the best position for growth.

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