The financial planning process is a two-way open communication that requires you to share information about their current situation, regarding all aspects of their life. This includes but is not limited to your current family responsibilities, physical health, financial situation, career and any other item that may assist in building an accurate reflection of how your life is right now. An important part of this discussion will be the sharing of any goals or aspirations you would like to meet in some or all parts of your life as this will help determine the type of advice you are seeking or require.

Initial Engagement

During this stage we:
  1. Gather information on the clients current situation
  2. Uncover the clients goals, needs and objectives
  3. Determine and agree on the Scope of Advice
  4. Complete the Terms of Engagement

Advice Preparation & Presentation

During this stage we:
  1. Analyse the client situation and formulate a strategy that enables the client to meet their goals, needs and objectives
  2. Review existing products and determine if they are appropriate. If not recommend an alternative
  3. Construct and present SoA
  4. Have client confirm they understand advice provided


During this stage we:
  1. Client has confirmed they wish to proceed with the advice
  2. Client agrees to proceed with an ongoing advice relationship
  3. Provide client with PDS’s
  4. Complete and submit application forms
  5. Confirm products have been implemented


During this stage we:
  1. Provide ongoing advice and service to clients
  2. Deliver on any other agreed services
  3. Provide FDS (if required)
  4. Have client complete Opt-in notification forms (if required)
  5. Reconfirm clients position & update goals, needs and objectives